Adri Zalazar

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Radnor, 19087

Photography series/ Infinite rail / Mendoza, Argentina

Photographic series / Who is Venice/


Photographic series / What do you see in the heavens / Project Look and See /

Photogallery: Painting...

This series comes from my deep admiration of Charles Baudelaire. A contemporary without a doubt. It is real that glory is also the moment of the profound truth.
A point of connection where what is seen in some way does not cease to be ethereal. The indisputably valuable is the truth that was and is.
The butterflies is this relationship of cause and effect, it is my complicity as an artist. The stereotypes are not so distant from those suffered by the solitary C.B.
The hidden remains absurd and the obvious becomes boring.
With a regret for many confused of his mix of drunkenness and sex, or his ghosts of angelic notes. I celebrate your spirit.