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The most daring definition of artists attributed by Plato was that of "divine madness"; At that time there were two types of madness: the psychopath and the theopath; The first, as we should suppose, referred to the mental illnesses suffered by human beings. But the second one referred to the illness of the creators, of the mystics, of the poets and philosophers, that is, of the artists; Plato claimed that to be an artist was necessary to suffer this "divine madness" because by altering a normal mental state caused by the "divinity", man was able to create immeasurable values. The divine madness of the artists managed to make them purify, liberate and take the concepts of body and soul to perform their works.

 "I like time travel, maps, compasses, hourglasses, a chessboard, although it fills me with hopscotch, the aroma of good coffee, I love the subtlety of Leonardo's face, and I celebrate the essence of Van Gogh's boots, the codes, the symbols, the signs, I like the mystery, the myths, the dreams, I am intrigued by what generates admiration or fear. Its because I try as Hoffman to educate my own ghosts. I like the autonomy of the writing of the century. XVIII and the lust of " The flowers ... of Charles, the thought of Macedonio, and without a doubt the Borges literature. Y yet none of this would have life if you dont learn something before in the huge desert of the little prince. I try to find my own language, I look for the form, I review the media, I write down secrets ... I seek to be thirsty for magic and of Faith, and the wisdom of the soul to be able to understand them. "

Photography 2012/ "Seeking gravity"


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